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We know it’s tough being a woman.  We are often told to keep our sensitivity in check — to smile and play nice.  We are raised to follow a path of safety in a world that claims to be logical, controlled and linear.  Often to get ahead, we also think we have to act like men.  Watch our video.

In the book, I talk about honoring our sensitivity, how to meditate in a very easy way, the transformative nature and misconceptions of forgiveness, and much more. There’s even a chapter on dating!

In each chapter, I take spiritual concepts and apply them to real-life experiences that are both grounded in reality and reflect the often absurd, humorousness of life.  Then I back up the stories with scientific data, and close each chapter with an activity, that guides you, step by step, on how to apply the concepts to your own life. My intention with this book is to use the knowledge I’ve gained to hold women up.


  1. Be reminded of your worthiness;
  2. Have more tools to cope with life’s crazy, to be more authentic, happy and empowered; and
  3. Be better able to offer the world the best you have.

As women, I believe it’s our responsibility to stand together.  What the world needs now is the power of women working together, in our authenticity and at our full potential.

We hope you will help us get this book for women out into the world!

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